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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I expect on our wedding day?
    Imagine that it is your wedding day and you have just finished eating your main course. There is a lull in the celebrations and the atmosphere is starting to dip. Then, suddenly, one of your venue's waiters starts to make a speech. ​ After making a polite excuse to toast the bride and groom, they bursts into song and soon have everyone out of their seats and singing along! That's the Singing Wedding Waiter service. It will transform your wedding day, add excitement and it is guaranteed to put a smile on everyone's face! We won't approach you on the day and will act completely like the rest of the staff so nobody expects a thing. Just make sure you keep it a secret!
  • Can I book more than one Singing Waiter?
    Absolutely, The Singing Wedding Waiters are available as a duo, trio or quartet, just ask for a quote.
  • Is everything provided?
    Yes, The Singing Wedding Waiter comes complete with a state of the art PA system, playback iPad and wireless microphones. Need to use our PA for your speeches? Just ask!
  • Do I need to do anything on the day?
    No, relax and enjoy your big day. The Singing Wedding Waiter will liaise with your wedding venue and make all the necessary arrangements.
  • Will my guests know who they are?
    No, all set up and sound checking is done earlier in the day. We will work alongside venue staff so that nobody suspects a thing. It's up to you to keep the secret!
  • Can I choose the songs?
    The Singing Wedding Waiter will contact you well in advance of your booking to discuss your set list and make sure that you are happy with the song choices. A list of suggested songs can also be provided. We will always make suggestions as we know what works best but feel free to request anything you like. We can provide everything from Opera and Musical Theatre to Rock, Pop and Soul!
  • How does the set start?
    We've heard all the horror stories of less than professional singing waiters starting arguments with guests to get attention. You can rest assured that we won't do anything like that. We also prefer not do 'pretend accidents', throwing cutlery or ice around, (it sounds a bit dangerous to us!). Your reveal will be a polite request to toast the bride and groom by a waiter who seems to have gotten ideas above their station! However, we can accommodate any request and our waiters will be willing to get their knees bruised if you really want to see them fall! We can also provide other scenarios like 'a visit from the police', 'someone called the fire brigade' or 'who ordered the pizza?' ideal for events and parties, just ask...
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